A busy first week back!

Saturday 9th November | 2 comments


This week we have learnt trick word ‘go’ and the phonemes; u, r, h and b.


This week in maths we have been comparing quantities. We have discussed and used mathematical language such as: most, least, more, less and fewest. The children really enjoyed exploring the classrooms to discover how they can show this.

We also introduced Cuisenaire Rods for the children to explore. We found out which was the longest and the shorted and how many of one rod it takes to make another.

Firework Art!

The children have all been excited by the fireworks this week. We decided to let the children explore different ways for producing their own firework pictures.

Visiting the farm

Some children enjoyed visiting the farm this week. We went inside the chicken pen and touched a few! Well done to those children who managed it!


This week the children have show a real interest in snakes. We examined some real snake skin and watched a fact file video explaining the different species. The children then drew their own snakes by either copying a printed pattern or creating their own.


This week we have sent the children home with a communication book. Each week there will be a new task for you to complete with your child. We hope you will enjoy exploring some of the learning that has taken place in school.

Enjoy your weekend.

The Reception Team

2 responses to “A busy first week back!”

  1. Emma says:

    Lewis was so excited to bring his communication book home. He said he couldn’t wait to do his homework 😀

  2. Sarah Hutcheon says:

    Finley was so excited to be back this week. I can’t believe how much they’ve learnt already whilst having so much fun

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