A week in Nursery

Friday 11th October | No comments yet

Another busy week!

This week the children have had lots of opportunities to develop their mark making skills. Some children have been practising the initial letter of their name whilst others have been making big marks on big paper. Other children used boxes to make pirate ships inside and then outside. Have a look at the photos of all these activities and other things the children have been doing…


As we move into the colder weather the children need to be wrapped up when they go out to play. We encourage the children to hang their coats up independently and then be able to put them on themselves and fasten them up. We always support the children in this but aim for them to do these tasks for themselves. Please practise independence skills at home and when you drop your child off and collect from Nursery. Thank you for your support.

Have a good weekend, from the Nursery team.

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