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Friday 4th October | No comments yet

Another varied week in Nursery! The children have continued to develop their friendships and explore the Nursery environment. They have been climbing, hiding, building, cutting and drawing. They have been inside, outside and having fun in the hall. Have a look at some of the photos we have taken…

Wet Weather

It has been a very wet week this week and will probably continue to be so. The children have access to the environment everyday no matter what the weather is like. Lots of children have brought their own wellies but we also have our own supply. If you send wellies please write your child’s name in them and familiarise them with what they look like. If they come to Nursery in wellies please change them into shoes for playing inside as wellies are not ideal to wear all day inside. Thank you for your support with this.

Have a good weekend

From the Nursery team

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