Lots of fun maths in RH!

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This week, the children have been developing their language to describe capacity, length and weight.





The children had great fun comparing weight using a seesaw!


This week the tricky word was ‘her’.

The children have been recognising and reading final consonant clusters in words. We have focussed on:

st (first)  sk (tusk)  nd  (sand)  nk (pink)  ft (left)  mp (jump)

The highlight of the week….

making yummy pizzas!

Important dates next week:

Sports Day is on Wednesday 10th July.  Once you’ve dropped your child off, you’re welcome to stay and enjoy Sports Day with us. We ask that parents/carers wait around the playground for the Opening Ceremony which will begin as close to 9am as possible. Please can the children come to school with sun cream on and bring a bottle of water to drink during the morning so they stay hydrated.

Reception are inviting parents/carers/relatives to a Seaside Picnic on Thursday 11th July at 2.30. This is usually a really relaxed and lovely afternoon – we hope to see you there! You will have to come through the front entrance to gain access into school. 

Have a great weekend.

The RH team

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