Another busy week in Nursery!

Friday 28th June | No comments yet

This week has flown by and again we have been very busy.

The children who had not been to the hairdressers last week had an appointment on Tuesday. A big thank you to Freddie’s mummy for letting us visit so many times.

This week we have been learning to represent the number 8. The children drew 8 circles, 8 lines and then 8 objects of their choice. Finally they practised writing the number 8 which is very tricky. To support the children’s learning please talk about the number at home.

Some children had a session using the large piece of lycra. This promotes listening, turn-taking as well as developing physical skills. They had to stretch it as a group, hide under it and keep a soft toy in the air by working as a team.

Some children have enjoyed painting this week…

And finally today one of our focus children organised a dressing up day. The theme was princess’s, prince’s or Disney…

Don’t forget the Camp Over tomorrow. Lots of the Nursery staff will be there.

Have a good weekend, from the Nursery staff.

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