Nursery visit the hairdressers

Friday 21st June | 2 comments

The children in Nursery recently asked if we could change our role play area into a hairdressers again as it was previously very popular. We changed it last week and it has been a very busy area indeed. We thought it would be a good idea to visit a local salon so today we have been for several ‘appointments’.

This comes under the ‘Understanding the World: People and Communities’ area of our curriculum –

  • Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experience.
  • Shows interest in the lives of people who are familiar to them.
  • Shows interest in different occupations and ways of life.
  • Recognises and describes special times or events for family or friends.

So please chat to you child about their experience. The children who were not in Nursery today may get the chance to go next week.

A few other things…

Reading and writing…

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget the Camp Over next weekend.

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2 responses to “Nursery visit the hairdressers”

  1. Miss Hutchinson says:

    I’ll book in for a cut and blow next week!

  2. Saima says:

    What a lovely experience them all. I think Sulaiman will want to see a racing car chair at his salon!!

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