Budding Scientists in RH!

Friday 21st June | No comments yet

It’s been a very exciting week with the ‘S Factor’ competition. The children did a superb job with their science experiments and have enjoyed being scientists.

We have also had a great time in PE this week practising  hand eye co-ordination, balancing, rolling to a target and bat and ball skills. We also had a chat about Wimbledon and discussed where it takes place and what it is.

In maths, the children have been solving problems involving halving. They have practised splitting a number of things into half/separating into two groups.

In phonics, we have been looking at words that contain consonant clusters at the beginning of words, e.g. spin, bright, frog, flight, black.

The children have been practising sorting pictures, reading and writing words with initial consonant clusters. They have also been given a fun game to play for their homework to practise reading some of these words.

The children went to Special Mention this week. Well done to the children who received a Special Mention certificate this week.

Don’t forget it’s the school Campover next Saturday. If you haven’t got your tickets or want to find out more information, please speak to Diane Walton.

Have a great weekend.

The RH team


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