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This week we have been looking closely at the children’s physical skills.

The children access our outdoor provision everyday and are constantly active but we have provided the opportunity for them to use the PE equipment in the hall. They have been climbing, balancing, jumping, crawling and catching a ball.  They tried to balance on one leg and balance an object on their head. We also watched them climbing and descending stairs.

The 30-50 month Moving and Handling objectives we assess against are:

  • Mounts stairs, steps or climbing equipment using alternate feet.
  • Walks downstairs, two feet to each step while carrying a small object..
  • Uses one-handed tools and equipment, e.g. makes snips in paper with child scissors.
  • Holds pencil between thumb and two fingers, no longer using whole-hand grasp.
  • Draws lines and circles using gross motor movements.
  • Moves freely and with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways, such as slithering, shuffling, rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, skipping, sliding and hopping.
  • Runs skilfully and negotiates space successfully, adjusting speed or direction to avoid obstacles.
  • Can stand momentarily on one foot when shown.
  • Can catch a large ball
  • Holds pencil near point between first two fingers and thumb and uses it with good control.
  • Can copy some letters, e.g. letters from their name.

These activities also required the children to listen to and follow instructions as well as working on their turn-taking skills.

In Nursery we have a resource which is by far the most popular. This is the magnetic shape set. It consists of triangles and squares which can be joined together to make simple or more complicated constructions. The children are very imaginative with this resource and make anything from pizzas to towers and this week they have been making spinners. We chatted about what they had made and I suggested we go to the Maths cupboard to find the number spinners. We returned and compared the number spinners to the ones they had made. The children said that theirs didn’t have numbers on so we set about rectifying that. The children counted how many sides their spinners had and therefore how many numbers they needed. They wrote the numbers and stuck them on. They had fun with the home made spinners as well as the Maths resource ones and they enjoyed being able to say which number the spinners had landed on.

Finally this Sunday is Father’s Day so we provided resources for the children to make cards if they wished. They used their creative skills and practiced their writing.

Have a lovely weekend

From the Nursery team

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