Celebrations and School Trips in RH

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We hope that all the families celebrating Eid have had a wonderful week. We have enjoyed hearing all about the children’s celebrations and all children have had the opportunity to make Eid cards throughout the week. Some children have written about how they’ve celebrated Eid:


The children have been solving problems involving doubling in maths. Most children can now recall doubling facts up to double 5 and are starting to recognise opportunities for applying this knowledge when solving problems. The children have also enjoyed solving some number puzzles.

We have also been measuring how far our trains go outside:


We have been completing some phonics assessments this week to see which phonemes the children can read in words and which ones they still fund tricky.

We have also completed some work this week on speaking in full sentences, including the words ‘and’ and ‘because’ to add detail. We have provided sentence starters to help the children. For example, when talking about what they had done over the holidays, they  had the sentence starter ‘Last week I’ or ‘My favourite part was’.

Trip to Ingrow West Station

The children had a lovely time on the school trip. They enjoyed learning about trains and had a lovely experience on the steam train. We have been learning about the history of trains this week and comparing pictures of trains over time.

Some pictures of the trip:

Some writing about the trip:

Reception News

As we are now in the last term of Reception, we will slowly start to get the children ready for some new routines that they will have in Year 1.

As of next week, the children will start to have a scheduled playtime from 10.30-10.45 with KS1. A couple of members of staff from Reception will go out with the children.

The children will also start to attend ‘Special Mention’ assemblies with KS1 which are every Thursday. Special Mention assemblies are the school’s weekly reward assembly for significant achievement in one of the six hives on our school emblem. It is normally a couple of children who are selected each week from each class.


Have a lovely weekend.

The RH team

2 responses to “Celebrations and School Trips in RH”

  1. Sheila singh (Vanshika mum) says:

    Vanshika had fun on trip and enjoyed the train ride the best. She also enjoyed having her Lunch on the big hill ?

  2. Natalie (Micah's mum) says:

    Lovely set of photos. Micah was really excited for the school trip and hugely enjoyed the minibus and train rides.
    He’s been proudly reciting his double numbers.

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