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Friday 7th June | No comments yet

As we are now in the last term of Reception, we will slowly start to get the children ready for some new routines that they will have in Year 1.

As of next week, the children will start to have a scheduled playtime from 10.30-10.45 with KS1. A couple of members of staff from Reception will go out with the children.

The children will also start to attend ‘Special Mention’ assemblies with KS1 which are every Thursday. Special Mention assemblies are the school’s weekly reward assembly for significant achievement in one of the six hives on our school emblem. It is normally a couple of children who are selected each week from each class.



This week we have been learning to double. We have been exploring different ways to represent our number sentences.


We have also been designing and making boats in the junk modelling area. We had lots of discussions about the materials we could use and then tested them by putting them on the water.



Some of RD went on a school trip with RH to Ingrow West Station. Find out about their day by clicking on the link.



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