Last week of term in RK!

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Well we have been doing lots of learning this week so I think the children are ready for a break!


We have learnt a lot about 2d and 3d shape. The children recognise that a 2d shape is flat and a 3d shape is fat. We found out that 3d shapes have faces but not like ours we only have one but a lot of the shapes we looked at had more than one face and they were different shapes. We made lots of 2d shape pictures using the geoboards and elastic bands.


This week the children have been thinking about what is special about their mummy. We had lots of good ideas…

“…cook me dinners”

“…beautiful and smell like roses”

“…give kisses and cuddles”

“I love my mummy”

All the children have written about their mummy and some have made cards and/or photo frames. We are working hard to remember finger spaces as this helps people to read what has been written.

Police visit

Last week we had a child who is really interested in the police so Mrs Puddiphatt made a phone call and they popped into visit us this week. PC Muftee and his colleague Leanne talked to the children about their job, focusing on how they help people. The children knew to ring 999 in an emergency although they learnt that there are other emergency services when they call that number – fire and ambulance too. They also explained about their uniform and how they have cameras to record things and radios to talk to each other. Most children thought they travelled around by walking, motorbike or in a car. PC Muftee actually cycles on his police bike!


Please can I ask that you continue to hear your child read 2-3 times a week even in the holidays and record their progress in their reading record. It is really important for us to see how they are managing when reading at home so we can see if we can support in anyway. Reading doesn’t have to be a book it can be reading signs when you’re out and about, labels in the shops, flashcards, shopping lists or just one sentence in a book.

Chicks in Year 1

Last week Year 1 hatched some chicken eggs so today we went up to see they them, some of us held one and others stroked them. We talked about them growing inside the shell in the incubator, how they used their shell tooth to get out, the dark chicks are boys, light chicks are girls. We saw their grown up feathers coming through. Someone asked “Why can’t they stay chicks?” So we talked about that we all start off as babies then we grow and we become adults and chicks become chickens.

Our learning this week…

Other fun things this week…


Thank you

It was so lovely to see you all during parents evening this week and share how proud I am of the class. They are working so hard and are trying their best even when things get tricky. Thank you for all the kind wishes and gifts, I am sure I am going to be kept busy with the twins! I hope to visit the class some time after they are born (not the day after as the children think!). Keep doing a fab job with your children they are an absolute pleasure to teach and I shall miss them all.

Wishing you all a super 2 weeks whatever you may be doing! Miss Draxler and the RD team are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 15th April.

The RK team

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