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Friday 22nd March | 1 comment

This week we have been reading a variety of stories to the children in order to assess their ability in reading. The objectives we have been thinking about include –

Do they join in with repeated refrains and anticipate key events and phrases in rhymes and stories?

Are they aware of the way stories are structured?

Can they suggest how a story might end?

Can they listen with increasing attention and recall?

Can they describe the main settings, events and characters in a story?

Do they look at books independently?

Do they hold the book the correct way up and turn the pages carefully?

Reading with and to children is very important and if you think about these pre-reading skills whilst sharing books with child at home then it will help them when they come to reading independently.

Year 1 have been hatching eggs over the last week and the Nursery children have been to visit them…

The children have been very busy building with a variety of resources…

The water area has been enhanced this week with objects that either float or sink. The children enjoyed investigating what happened…

Some other things…

Tuesday and Wednesday next week are Parent’s Evenings and we are looking forward to chatting to you about your children. Have a good weekend from the Nursery team.



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  1. Saima Mirza says:

    Great stuff, lots of busy children, having fun!!

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