Reception Learning

Thursday 21st March | 1 comment


This week, we have consolidated our learning of the numbers 11,12,13 and 14. The children have been showing the numbers by drawing an amount of something, they’ve been showing the numbers on ten frames and we have started to look at whole-part bar models.

Can your child tell you what numbers the ten frames are showing?


This week we have reviewed the phonemes: ee, igh, oo (u), oo, oa and or.

We have been spotting the phonemes in words to read them and have been writing sentences containing the phonemes.


One response to “Reception Learning”

  1. Deborah Miller says:

    Mr Harris these weekly updates are brilliant thankyou, Alice loves re-watching the videos and then because I can prompt what she’s been learning fills me in on all what they’ve been doing.

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