A chilly week in RK!

February 1, 2019 at 4:15 pm

We have had a super week of learning, the children are really focusing on learning new things. They have certainly enjoyed the change in weather. In outdoor play this week we have hunted for spiders webs and found some big webs and some tiny ones. We have talked about the shapes we see, this then led to us finding some icicles on the roof.

Also in outdoor play we have been writing and making marks in the frost. We found out that we could either use our fingers or sticks. The children have also learnt how to play hangman, this is really helping them sounding out and spelling words.

The children have been doing some super work in maths. Last week they looked at the words more and less/fewer, followed by understanding how to calculate 1 less this week. They are beginning to understand that less/fewer means you don’t get as many of something. They have loved learning the one less song (see Reception learning blog).

The last couple of weeks we have learnt how to fix water leaks, all about the titanic, had a PE lesson delivered by Frederike, made animal books, potions, made our own grit and whistles played phonic games and done some dancing/gymnastics…


We are really focusing some of the children’s learning on the pink key words. A lot of children seem a little stuck on this reading level due to the tricky words to learn, tricky because they can’t sound them out. We would really appreciate you playing the caterpillar reading game to support this learning. The pink tricky words are – my, was, we, you, said.

Apologies for all the photos this is due to no blog last week.

Have a super weekend, wrap up warm! See you Monday

RK team


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Nursery News

February 1, 2019 at 4:02 pm

Another very busy week in Nursery!

This week the children have enjoyed bathing the babies in our enhanced water area.

We have been doing our ‘Disco Dough’ routines each day and the children are really getting the hang of the exercises.

One of the focus children this week enjoys playing board games at home so we made a simple game together in Nursery. This proved very popular with him and lots of the other children and also encouraged the children to practise their counting skills.

Some children were making pretend smoothies in the Home Corner so Mrs Spencer asked if they would like to make real ones.

We have another new area in Nursery called ‘Bob’s builders’ and the children enjoyed helping to set up the area by writing signs.

Some other things from this week…

Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team.


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February 1, 2019 at 3:03 pm

Please follow the link for information about phonics and maths this week:

What else have we been doing?


Writing the story of  ‘The Three Little Pigs’…


Making Colours

The children experimented with tissue paper and paint to see what new colours they could make when mixing different colours.

Space PE

The children have been pretending to be astronauts in Space! We have learnt a little bit about what it is like in space and spent some time talking about gravity.

Follow the Swallow

For last week’s winter homework, a child had read the story ‘Follow the Swallow’ by Julia Donaldson and talked about why birds migrate in the winter. We have shared this story in class and have made some winter pictures.


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