In RK class this week…

Thursday 28th February | No comments yet

The children have been working very hard this week in both literacy and mathematics. We started the week by talking about what the children had done in the half term holiday. We challenged the children to listen to a friend and share what they had done. They then wrote a sentence in their Busy Bee book.

There has also been lots of sign writing, where children have made models and specifically ask others to not touch them!

In maths the children have really enjoyed measuring either finding out the height or length of objects. They had great fun choosing the correct measuring implement to measure long/high/short objects – 30cm ruler, metre stick or cubes. We enjoyed measuring how tall Jack and Giant are from Jack and the Beanstalk with our long measuring tape. We then tried measuring our friends. We learnt about weight and what was lighter or heavier than 2 golden eggs.

The rest of the week has involved learning to take photos, addition calculations, using our fine motor skills to make patterns, making car tracks, baking, making and labelling models and enjoying the sunshine.

Have a great weekend, fingers crossed for some sunshine!


The RK team.


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