Learning this week in RH and RK

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In phonics we have revised all the tricky words we have learnt so far – I, to, the, go, into, we, he, she, be. This week’s word is ‘me’. The children found it challenging to put the word me into a sentence “Me and my friend”. They are also loving the tricky word song where they can join in saying some of the tricky words we have already learnt.

In phonics we have focused on the ‘oo’ digraph. The children know it has a long sound like in the words ‘pool’ and ‘moon’ and a short sound like in ‘wood’ and ‘foot’.

Short OO digraph

Long OO digraph



We listend to the story Jck and the Beanstalk to start a week of measuring. We have looked at different measuring implements – 30cm ruler, measuring tape, cubes and a metre stick. The giant left some footprints in our classrooms and we measured them using cubes we then found objects which were longer and shorter than the footprint. We have learnt about what objects are long and short and that measuring height can be something up high like a tree or a building. We have had great fun measuring how tall/short everyone is – we are all different! We have also learnt about ‘weight’ what is heavier or lighter than 2 golden eggs? The children have been using scales to find objects which are heavy and light.

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