Spooky things happening in RH

Saturday 16th February | 1 comment

Reception learning this week:

This week, the children came into the classroom to find footprints and a piece of black material hanging from the ceiling. The children quickly worked out that it could be from a witch. The witch had come to school and stolen a house that the children had made. We thought she had done it to be cheeky but it turns out that she didn’t have a house of her own. She apologised to the children and they’ve all thought of some really good ideas about how to build her a house.

We hope you have a lovely half term. We’re looking forward to welcoming Mrs Puddiphatt back after the holidays although the children were very sad that Mrs Daniels was leaving. I’m sure we’ll still see her around school!

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  1. Aylas mum says:

    Ayla loves Mrs Greens surprise visit. Although a bit scared at first when she realised she didn’t have a home she loved thinking of ways to help her x

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