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Friday 15th February | 1 comment

February half term already and half way through the academic year!

Another busy week in Nursery!

The Disco Dough activity is proving very beneficial to the children. They participate enthusiastically and we are already seeing improvements in the children’s drawings after just three weeks. Have a look at the selection of drawings and see what we mean.

We have set up another finger gym activity which has proved very popular.

Over the last three weeks we have been learning about the number 4. The children have been clapping and jumping 4 times, showing 4 with their fingers and this week they have been representing the number 4. They drew 4 circles, 4 lines and then practiced writing the number 4. Perhaps you can point out the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 when you are out and about over the holidays.

There was another visit to the farm this week…

We have a new role play area. The children have been to the doctors…

Some children built a tall tower…

Finally, don’t forget that on Friday 8th March we are celebrating World Book Day and there will be a performance by The Rainbow Factory for the children who are in Nursery in the afternoon. A letter went home last week requesting a voluntary contribution of £1 per child for this performance.  This can be paid via ParentPay.

Have a lovely week off.

The Nursery team.

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  1. Saima Mirza says:

    Lots of fun activities going on. Sulaiman excitedly talked about seeing the chickens when he came home today.

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