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The final week of this half term has been a busy one! The children have continued to work hard. They have been very enthusiastic learning new digraphs this week and have written many ‘ee’ words! These are displayed in the classroom, warning – some are nonsense/alien words! The class are trying hard to learn tricky words; please can you support this at home by playing the pink key word game. Most children know a tricky word can’t be sounded out although some still try! We have played lots of phonic games on the IWB where the children are sounding out and blending lots of words.

In Maths we have been number detectives and solving addition and subtraction word problems. The themes of the problems were Disney princesses, the Titanic and Minecraft! The children listened carefully to the questions to work our whether or not they were doing an + or a – calculation.

In music with Mrs Myers we looked at using tap sticks to tap the syllables out of different words. The children listened well and copied with some accuracy.

The rest of the week involved creating stories using the programme Puppet Pals. This involved the children choosing characters, story settings and then recording a story with their chosen characters. They did extremely well with some children even able to show others how to do it! We have enjoyed the lovely spring weather playing outside and practising our superman legs on the balance bikes and using the brakes when prompted (rather than feet!). The children also discovered a witch had visited RH class so proceeded to hunt for her and write messages about her visit, even though she hadn’t been seen!

Eureka and World Book Day

Please don’t forget to send money or or via ParentPay for the upcoming school events. Eureka is a half day workshop based on the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ and on World Book Day we have the Rainbow Factory visiting to present a show.

Communication Books

Thank you to all those who contribute to their child’s learning books. We understand it may be difficult to get your child to complete the tasks although we always make sure we do not ask too much of them. At this time of year, we would like to see the children starting to write more in them or make marks and sound out some words. The tasks set are aimed at trying to develop your child’s learning linked to something we have taught during the week.

Have a super half term and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 25th February.

The RK team

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