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Friday 8th February | No comments yet

This week has been busy once again with the children demonstrating a varied range of interests.

“I’m going to space” said one boy at the beginning of the week as he sat in a cardboard box. That prompted me to find a copy of the story “Whatever Next!” We collected some resources together, a pair of wellies, a colander, some pretend food and a few other things. Then the children had lots of fun acting out the story.

Some children chose to go to visit our farm. They chatted about the wind turbine, saw the pigs and collected eggs from the chickens.

A group of children were very interested in knights. They wanted to make swords and shields and used the internet to find out information about them. They spent much of the week jousting both inside and outside.

Some other things this week…

Have a good weekend from the Nursery team.

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