Lots of learning in RK!

Friday 8th February | No comments yet

Wow! What a super busy week we have had in RK. We have covered some many different topics. The word of the week this week was ‘hibernate’. This word was chosen because so many children had used it in their communication books. We found out that tortoises and bears hibernate and come out back out at spring.

We have been writing in our Busy Bee books. Most children have chosen a picture of something they are interested in and used this to create a sentence. The children are working hard to sound out words and remembering to leave finger spaces. We have really been focusing on the children reading some tricky words such as into, to, the, go, no, he, she, we. We would really appreciate it if you could help your child at home with these words.

In maths we have been focusing on subtraction and all the words we associate with it such as take away, fewer, less, minus, subtract. The children have been using objects and writing their take away calculations.

This week the Chinese population have been celebrating Chinese New Year, the year of the pig. The children have listened to the story and watched short clips about how the festival is celebrated. In the classroom, they have been picking up noodles one at a time using chopsticks.

This rest of the week has included looking at and riding in a Porsche, baking, making slime, talking about where meat comes from and bull fighting, making titanic boats, playing number games, Duplo zoos and invisible writing.

Have a great weekend. Last week of this half term next week!

RK team

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