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This week we have been very busy getting ready for our Nativity performances next week. We will be performing on Tuesday morning at 9.30am and Thursday afternoon at 2pm. You should have received a letter telling you where your child will be sitting for the performance and other information about Christmas arrangements in Nursery including the party which is on Wednesday 19th December.

This week we put out a basket of coloured links and the children have been very keen to join them together to make a variety of things. Some children made pirate belts and others made necklaces. This resource gave us a very good opportunity to develop different aspects of Maths. We worked on patterns using only two colours in our chains. We made long and short chains and talked about who’s was the longest and shortest. We estimated how many links would be needed to make a necklace and if the number was not right would we need more or less. The children were also supported to make links to match numbers on the number line. This resources is also excellent for developing fine motor skills.

During our library times this week we have been encouraging the children to look carefully for a book they wanted to take home and not just to pick up the nearest one. They looked through the books before their final choice was made and were supported to turn the pages carefully. Then they were encouraged to put the book into their book bags by themselves to promote independence.

Other things this week…

Don’t forget our two Nativity performances next week and have a lovely weekend.

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