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Friday 30th November | 1 comment


In phonics, the children have been learning the phonemes /ss/ and /j/.

We have also revised the tricky words that we have learnt: I, to, the, no, go.

We have practised reading these words in a sentence and have spent a long time distinguishing between words that the children can sound out and blend


The children received an exciting video on Monday from Santa.

The children have been busy writing letters and wish lists to Santa.


In maths, we have looked at ‘doubling’. We have learnt the concept of ‘doubling’ and have been learning about scenarios were we’ve had to double a number to find the answer using a ‘doubling machine’. On Thursday, the doubling machine came to school! The children practised putting a piece of Numicon in each side and the doubled number came out of the front.

Christmas Performance

Letters about the children’s roles in the Christmas Performance have been sent out this week. If you’re not sure what part your child is playing, please ask the adults or email Mrs Kumar or Miss Hutchinson.

Abbey House

The children are going to Abbey House during the last week of term. Please ensure you return the reply slips to school/pay on Parent Pay.

Have a good weekend.

The Reception team

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  1. Amy Dennis says:

    Phoebe loved the ‘doubling machine’!

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