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Friday 30th November | No comments yet

We had quite a different day on Tuesday this week. As you will know we lost all our electricity in the morning. The children were fantastic and carried on as normal. They only realised how dark it was in Nursery when they returned to class after being in the hall to do some singing in the afternoon. We adapted our lunches to involve the children and they all made jam sandwiches. This developed their fine motor skills and gave them practise in using tools.

Stay and Read

We also had our first ‘Stay and Read’ of the year and we got a good response at the beginning of the morning and afternoon sessions. Thank you to all those parents who were able to stay. Don’t worry if you couldn’t stay this week we will be continuing with sessions all year.

Something different in the playdough…

This week we put some cinnamon into our playdough. The children enjoyed mixing it in and watching the dough change to a deep orange colour. Then as they played they were able to experience the warm wintery smell.

Some other things…

Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team.


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