It’s nearly December!

Friday 30th November | No comments yet

The children are getting excited as they worked out today is the last day in November and tomorrow is Christmas!!! (I did explain it was the beginning of December). This week the children have written their letters to Santa and they will be posted tonight so fingers crossed they will get a letter back. They have all done well listening to the initial, middle and final sounds in words. We have talked about a sentence starting with a capital letter, using finger spaces and a full stop at the end.

In phonics we have practised reading j and ss words. Today the children worked in pairs to put a mixed up sentence together recognising where the capital letter was and the full stop.

The rest of the week in pictures…

Christmas concert

The children are working hard to learn their lines and/or the songs. If you’ve been sent a letter regarding providing some of your child’s costume please make sure it is named and it can go in their classroom tray.

Have a great weekend.

RK team


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