RK’s super workers!

Friday 23rd November | No comments yet

The children have been working super hard this week! They have been so busy doing lots of writing in the areas of provision and doing lots of maths. As you see below they have been writing for different purposes…



The children have been practising solving addition calculations by putting the largest number int heir head and counting on. They have played domino addition, practised writing numbers and solving their own calculations.

We have also been using the 10 frame to solve addition calculations. The children worked in pairs to count out 2 groups of objects and then find a total by adding all the objects together.

The rest of the week has included building Superhero Lego figures, building models, learning our Christmas concert songs, learning about volcanoes, playing outside, lots of talking about Christmas and when Theo is coming back to school!

Wrap up warm this weekend and we will see you on Monday!

The RK team





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