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Friday 28th September | 4 comments

We’re at the end of another busy week and the weeks seem to be going so fast. We have now started  maths and phonics sessions every day.


We have been learning about the numbers 1 and 2 this week. We have spent a long time looking at the numbers to ensure that the children fully understand the value of the numbers as well as how the numbers can be represented.

Finding one object:

Different ways to see the number:

At school, we form the number one  as a straight line down.


We have learnt the phonemes /s/, /a/ and /t/ this week. We have looked at how the letters are formed, what words begin with the letters and we have tasted some food beginning with the letters. We’ve had strawberries, apples and tomatoes. We use precursive font in school and the children have practised the precursive /s/, /a/ and /t/ this week.

We have also read lots of books with characters whose names begin with /s/, /a/, /t/.

What else have we been doing?


The children have all chosen a book from the school library today. Please share these books with the children and read them together. The children’s library books will be changed on Fridays so please make sure they have their previous library book in their book bag to swap.

Communication Books

The children should have come home with a Communication Book today. These books will be sent home every Friday with a task for the children to complete over the course of the week with the support of family at home. The children can complete the tasks in any way they wish – even a noted down conversation will suffice. Please put the books in the labelled box in the cloakroom every Thursday so they can be marked and returned to you on Fridays.

School Trip

RH are going on a school trip on Monday afternoon to Leeds City Library and we’re going on the train. On our return journey, our train arrives back at New Pudsey at 3:20  so we should be back at school around 3:30-3:40. Please come into school through the front entrance  and wait in the hall. Children will be dismissed from the classroom as soon as we arrive back.

As part of our learning this week, we have learnt about train safety and how we should behave at the train stations/on the train on Monday. The children seemed very excited!

We hope that you have a lovely weekend – fingers crossed the weather stays nice.

The RH team

4 responses to “RH this week”

  1. Natalie (Micah's mum) says:

    Micah has really enjoyed this week. From flying aeroplanes to making chocolate lollipops and learning numbers and letter sounds. He’s very excited for the school trip also.
    They all look like they’ve had a great week.

  2. Marion says:

    We had t t t t tea and t t t t t t t toast for breakfast ? Have a wonderful trip on Monday. Theo is very excited!

  3. Mehnaz Begum says:

    Amina is looking forward to the trip on Monday

  4. Sheila singh (Vanshika mum) says:

    Vanshika was So excited to bring her library book and homework home at the weekend. She is so looking forward to the trip.

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