A super busy week in RK!

Friday 28th September | 3 comments

Another week has flown passed in RK class. The children are doing so well and this week saw the start of us teaching letter sounds and numbers.

In phonics we have learnt the phonemes (letter sounds) s, a, t. the children have identified objects which start with these sounds and have practised forming the letters using a cursive script s, a, t. We have also practised blending the phonemes together to make words such as: at, sat, as. The short Jolly Phonic clips below will help your child remember the phoneme…

In maths, we have been practising counting up to 20 and back from 20/10. We have also worked hard on counting objects, which cannot be moved such as claps or the beat of a drum. This is trickier than it sounds! The children have then focused on learning the number 1 and 2 and were introduced to the Numberblocks.

The children showed us different ways to show us the number 1 and 2. For example one jump, 2 eyes, one car, two dots, one nose. We are hoping that the children are really grasping the variety of ways in which we can see the numbers 1 and 2.

As for the rest of the week it involved identifying bugs, creating leaf pictures, learning football skills, making models, drawing, writing stories and acting them out and playing with friends.

Have a super weekend

RK team

3 responses to “A super busy week in RK!”

  1. STEPHEN WARD says:

    Well done Ralph! Keep it up…

  2. Rachel Howard says:

    Sounds lots of fun! Laila has been singing the phonics songs at home and told me about the number 1 and 2 song. Well done everyone.

  3. sonia says:

    Kiki really enjoyed learning phonics this week. we are so proud in how much he is learning so fast. well done kiki.

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