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Tuesday 11th September | 3 comments

We now have a full class in RH and the children have been enjoying getting to know each other,  getting to know  the staff and have been exploring the classroom.

Morning Tasks

Every morning, the children have a number of jobs to complete as part of their learning. The jobs are:

-Put their fruit and book bags in their trays

-Answer the ‘Question of the Day’ by putting their name in the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box

-Write their name on a laminated piece of card and stick it on the ten frame on the wall titled ‘Who is here today?’

Pictures of our first week in Reception:

The children have been enjoying  school lunches and have been trying new foods:

This week we have been following the ‘week one’ menu so next week is ‘week 2’.

Have a great week.

The RH team

3 responses to “Welcome to RH”

  1. Marion Allen says:

    Theo has enjoyed his first few days in RH. We’re enjoying hearing his news when he comes home each day. The magnets are a particular favourite!

  2. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Leah has enjoyed her first week in reception. She likes telling us what she has been up to and eat that day.

  3. Aylas mum says:

    Everything is top secret from Ayla. She has done nothing. Good to see she is smiling once I’ve gone. X

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