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Thursday 21st June | No comments yet

I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already – it seems to have flown!


This week, the children have been learning about sharing and have been associating sharing into two groups as sharing into two halves. They have been learning to solve problems such as:


Can you share the ten zebras between the two fields?

They practically shared the counters and then had to say how many there were in one half. Some children were able to say what half the numbers were without using equipment so they used the equipment to help show their answers and understanding. Some children also made the link between finding half of a number and doubling. For example, half of 10 is 5, so double 5 is 10.


We have read a couple of class stories this week and have been looking at using the text to answer questions. For example, if the text said ‘Jenny had a red hat on’, we have been using this to answer a question like ‘What colour is Jenny’s hat?’.

Some children have been writing stories this week and others have been writing some super sentences!

What else have we been up to?

Special mentions this week for:

Zaynab, Aaliyah, Ben, Odin, Rosalind and Amelia.

Don’t forget, next Wednesday the children are taking part in a fun-filled day in the school grounds. The children can come into school in their own clothes as we are going to be outside all day. Please dress the children for the weather. We are having a picnic at lunchtime so children either need to bring a packed lunch or order a school packed lunch.

Have a great weekend.

The RH team

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