Pizza and the Circus in RF

Thursday 21st June | 1 comment

This week in RF has been another varied week. The children have been very keen to use the outdoor environment and have got up to all sorts if interesting things.

Some children have been very interested in the circus and have been practising their juggling and hoola hooping skills.

Our role play area has been transformed this week. We now have a ‘Pizza Express’ restaurant! One of the children wanted to set it up so he planned what he needed and how the restaurant should look. Then his friends helped him to make some pretend pizzas and a pizza oven. But that was not where it stopped. Pizza Express supplied some resources to make our restaurant more authentic and the children made some pizzas. We had some children working in the kitchen of the restaurant and some as waiters. We had lots of keen customers for the pizza which was delicious.

The children have now started to go into ‘Good News’ assembly on Thursday afternoon. Certificates are given to a small number of children in recognition of  ‘Being Safe’, ‘Being Happy’, ‘Being the best they can be’, ‘Being Healthy’, ‘Being a good citizen’ or ‘Being a great learner’. Before the end of term all the children in Reception will have received a certificate from one of the categories .

Literacy and Numeracy this week have involved lots of revision. We have been practising Phase 2 and 3 phonemes, giving the children lots of opportunities to write and revising subtraction. Next week we will also be consolidating in both of these areas.

Don’t forget next Wednesday is our Adventure Day and the children will need a packed lunch unless you have ordered one from school.

Have a good weekend from all the RF team.


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  1. hannahstewart says:

    Thank you for my lovely pizza I will be visiting your restaurant again soon!

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