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Friday 15th June | 1 comment

The children in RF have been very keen to write this week for lots of different purposes. All the children have chosen and animal to write about and have remembered to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Other children have written lists or signs. The focus children have been particularly busy writing. One child wanted to set up a toy shop so wrote a list of the things she would need and a sign for the shop. Another child wanted to hold a disco party so wrote some invitations and a list of things she wanted to happen at the party and she also built an amazing model and wrote a sign for it. On the list was baking a cake, dancing with the disco lights on and playing games. We finished the party with a game of sleeping logs! The third focus child wanted to go on an aeroplane. He set up the plane on the carpet and then said he needed a passport so lots of the children made their own passports. These children also inspired their friends to write as well. Well done everybody!

The Maths this week has been revising addition. The children have used real objects to find the total of two groups and practised using number lines to count on to find the answer to a calculation. Next week we will be revising subtraction.

Our PE lesson this week was a football focus relating to the World Cup. No one in RF mentioned the World Cup but maybe next week….

Have a lovely weekend from the RF team.

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  1. Annette says:

    Loving the new outdoor picnic table for writing exercises outdoors 🙂

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