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In maths this week, we have looked at estimating. The children have been guessing how many things they can see or how many items they think they can fit into a pot and then they had to count the actual amount. We have also completed lots of counting activities, including trying to count in tens.


We have continued work on the /er/ phoneme this week. We have also been writing sentences containing phase 3 phonemes. It is important that the children can independently segment sounds in words to write, rather than an adult telling them which sounds come next. We have practised this a lot this week as well as leaving finger spaces between words when writing a sentence.

The children have also practised writing their surnames this week. Some children can write their surnames independently but most are still copying. Perhaps they could start to practise writing their surnames on their fruit stickers, rather than writing their first names…

World Cup

We have some very eager football fans so we have been learning about the World Cup. We have had a look at the history of the World Cup and talked about Russia (where it is being held). The children each picked a country from the list of teams playing and have had a look at the different flags. We will be keeping track of the football scores.

Eid al-Fitr

We have been learning about Ramadan and how people celebrate Eid al-Fitr. The children have been given the opportunity to make cards and to design henna tattoos.

Eid Mubark to everyone celebrating!

Special Mention

The children in Reception have now started attending our school’s reward assembly, ‘Special Mention’. Certain children will be chosen each week for their work towards the statements on the Learning Hive:






Special mentions this week for being ‘The best you can be’ are:

Hassan, Eesa, Sahara, Esme, Annie and Imaan.






Well done!

Some more learning:

We hope you have a great weekend.

The RH team

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  1. Louisa (Annie’s mum) says:

    What a lovely week they’ve had! 🙂

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