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This week we have focused on the ‘er’ phoneme. This is usually found at the end of a word. We have talked about reading words with ‘er’ at the end and how we can chunk sounds together to make reading the word easier. For example, winner can be split into winn and then er. Other examples: mix+er, dinn+er, winn+er.

We have also continued to practise reading words containing the phonemes: ar, or, ur, ear, air, oa and oi.

We have a new activity in our phonics area. The children have to read words and decide whether they’re real or pseudo words. If they’re real they go to Bob and if they’re pseudo they go to Obb (Obb and Bob are from a phonics game that we play).




We have started Guided Reading with some children this week. This means that a group of children work with an adult and they all read the same book at the same time. The children have really enjoyed this and have loved discussing the books together.

We have also started an exciting ‘Reading Competition’ this week. The children have to read three times in unusual places and then they get a prize! We will be displaying photographs of the children reading in the reading area.

Our interesting places to read this afternoon:

Logan wanted to read ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ to the class. He also made some pancakes to share with the children:


This week we have revisited the numbers 1-20. The children have been filling in missing numbers up to 20 and some children have even attempted numbers to 100.

We have also re-looked at ‘one less’. Many children can say which number is one less but were unable to show this practically so we have practised this and they seem to have a better understanding now.

A few pictures from the week:

Learning Logs

We’ve had such a busy afternoon,  we forgot to hand out some of the Learning Logs today. If you haven’t received yours and you’d like to complete the homework over the weekend, the homework is: ‘To draw, write or talk about a favourite animal. The children may want to research the animal or stick pictures in. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great weekend!

The RH team

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