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Friday 25th May | 3 comments

The children have been as lively and creative as ever this week…


In maths, we have been revisiting subtraction. The children have practised subtracting practically,  drawing pictures, using ten frames and using number lines.

See the video below for a fun game we have played this week. The children had to subitise the numbers (recognise the amount quickly without the need to count).



In phonics, we have been learning the phoneme ‘ure’. This is a very difficult phoneme for the children to learn so we have spent some time practising reading and writing words containing the phoneme. We have also continued to practise reading words containing all the phase 3 phonemes. The children do still struggle with some of these so we have included them in this week’s homework for the children to have a practise over the holidays.

Phonics Play is a great website to use. Click here for a direct link and click on ‘Free Play’ for the free games.

Finger Gym

The children love tracing over letters so we changed the Finger Gym to a handwriting station this week. The children have to trace over the cursive letters in the different letter groups: zigzags, one-armed robots, curly caterpillars and tall ladder letters. They then have to practice writing them underneath.

If the children form all the letters correctly, they get a certificate.

We’re pleased to say that lots of children have received certificates already and they’re very motivated to receive them.

Some children receiving their certificates:

If you would like a copy of the sheets to take home and practice, please ask and we can get you some printed.

What else has been happening…

The children have been making Suncatchers. We watched a video on CBeebies – link here. Instead of making Easter Suncatchers (like the ones on the video), the children designed their own shapes. Some children took them home and some are on display in the classroom.

After months of listening to the song ‘Cheerleader’, we thought it was about time we bought some real pom poms. The children have been very excited and have loved making up their own routines.

Lastly, we have been catching up with the news on CBBC’s Newsround. One of the main stories was the exciting Champions League final on Saturday! Some of the children were getting very excited about the match (and being a Liverpool fan, so was Miss Hutchinson) so we decided to learn a little bit about Liverpool Football Club. We looked a map of the United Kingdom and talked about how long it would take to get there. We also found Kiev on the map and discussed how we could travel to Liverpool compared to how we could travel to Kiev.

Fingers crossed for the match on Saturday and we hope you enjoy the half term holiday.

See you in a week!

The RH team

3 responses to “Working hard in RH”

  1. Peter Harris says:

    Cynical indoctrination into supporting Liverpool FC could be a disciplinary offence Miss Hutchinson!

  2. David (Odin’s daddy) says:

    I thought you may have been practicing the ‘ure’ phoneme when Odin said “daddy, manure is actually poo” ?

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