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Thursday 24th May | 1 comment

It has been another busy week in RF.

The week started with some children making a volcano in the sand area. They were talking about what it was and I asked them if they knew what volcanoes do. One child said they erupted but didn’t know what that meant so I suggested we use the internet to find out. Later they returned to the sand and asked if they could keep the volcano and they were told yes but they had to write signs to put on it so that other children would not disturb it. They did a fantastic job of making the signs.

In Maths this week the children have been practising doubling, halving and sharing. Of course things like this are made more exciting if the children can make something to eat so they toasted a slice of bread and cut it into two pieces the same size and knew they had two halves.

Other learning opportunities involved children using the internet to listen to music and join in with some dancing. The favourite at the moment is ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Our wonderful grounds have been used by the children this week to find things growing such as a tiny strawberry and to visit the chickens. Some children were interested in leaves so went on a leaf hunt to find different types. They found a great many and enjoyed making a collage with the ones they collected.

A group of children had great fun in the gravel pit making barbecue food for me to eat! Of course I told them it was delicious.

Next week is a half term holiday and the homework will be on reading. Please practise reading with your child at home. Play the key word games with them and practise the Phase Two and Phase Three phonemes from the sheet in your child’s communication book.

Have a lovely week,

From the team in RF

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  1. Jemma Leckenby says:

    So that’s why Sam made toast!

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