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We have had another busy week trying to get the Giant’s possessions back to him. On Monday we received a video call from Jack. Jack set the children a number of mathematical challenges in order to retrieve the golden coins. They had to solve additions and subtractions as well as solving problems involving doubling, one more and one less.

We managed to find the golden coins and they were sent to the Giant in a magic lift.


As well as completing the challenges set by Jack, we have completed lots of number work, looking at numbers 1-20. The children need to be able to understand the value of each number, the order of them and be able to say what one more or one less than the numbers are. We have completed lots of ordering tasks, missing numbers tasks and had a go at making our own number lines. I was very impressed by the children’s number formation and knowledge of numbers to 20. Almost all the children in the class can order number to 20 and write recognisable numbers to 20.


In phonics, we have learnt the new phoneme ‘ear’. This is a difficult phoneme for the children to remember so we have completed lots of work based around this phoneme. We have also continued our work learning the alphabet and have been revisiting and recapping the tricky words that we have learnt.


Balancing, moving, jumping, keeping fit, ball and racquet skills and so much more in PE…

Busy bees:


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