Colours galore in Nursery!

Friday 11th May | 2 comments

It’s been a great week in Nursery and the children have certainly been making the most of the lovely weather, especially with the falling blossom!

Some of the week was spent preparing for the Rainbow party on Thursday – decorations and rainbow buns made. On the day of the party we wore rainbow coloured clothes, danced, played games, made rainbow toast and enjoyed eating healthy rainbow fruit kebabs.


This afternoon the children are going on a picnic to the park next to school (photos to follow next week)

In our phonic work we have been revising the letters learnt already so far s, a, t. This week’s phoneme is ‘p’. The children are getting really good at thinking of objects/words which start with ‘p’. We practise sounding out and blending CVC words such as pat, tap, pig.

In our number work we have been focusing on the number 8. Can you do 8 jumps? Tap your head 8 times? Can you count out 8 bricks? We also did some digit dancing which helped us to try and write the number 8.

The children have enjoyed using the pegs and boards to create different parents. Our stories this week have been around our family – what makes your family special? Who is in your family? Where do your family live? A number of children are really enjoying writing and will often take our orders for lunch or write letters to their family. A small group of children visited the farm and harvested some rhubarb to make rhubarb buns.

Farsley library trip

Thank you to those who have volunteered, we are still in the need of volunteers for Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Don’t forget to bring soft toys to school with the labels the children have started. Permission slips for the filming in the library are important too.

Spare clothes

Since September we have been using our supply of spare clothes to change children and now we are running short. If you have any spare socks, pants, trousers, tops please bring them in we will gladly make us of them!


Wishing you a fantastic weekend.

The Nursery team

2 responses to “Colours galore in Nursery!”

  1. Natalie (Micah's mum) says:

    Micah’s has lots of fun this week. He’s been singing the phonics songs at home.
    He enjoyed making the rainbow toast and said he even ate the crust- must’ve been good. He’s very excited to go to the library.

  2. Mehnaz Begum says:

    The rainbow party was a big hit. Amina really enjoyed herself.

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