A trip to South Africa, Pirate party and so much more in Nursery!

Friday 4th May | 1 comment

We have had a super busy week in Nursery this week not only have we had a Pirate party (see separate blog post), visited South Africa we also squeezed some learning in…

In phonics we revised the letters we have learnt s and a, this week’s letter was ‘t’. We found lots of objects which started with a t – tiger, table, tomato, ten. The children also did well blending and then segmenting words such as t-a-p = tap, t-o-p = top.

In mathematics we counted back from 10 and listened carefully to the number of claps we heard. We then counted the number of actions we did up to 6. The children were then introduced to the number 7. We talked about how to show the number 7:
“You go across then down”
“You can do 7 stars”
“You can draw 7 fingers”
We did some digit dancing which helped us to write the numbers 1, 4 and 7.

On Tuesday afternoon we did a flying visit to South Africa. In the morning the children prepared their own passport by drawing their picture, writing their name and representing their age through drawing objects or writing the number. We knew that in lots of dishes people who live in South Africa eat rice so we made some of our own. The children packed their bags with summer clothes as we learnt it is a warm country. They then boarded the plane for the flight to Johannesburg. At the beginning of the flight we listened to the safety announcements and a bit more information about South Africa, the flight time was 14 hours. During the flight lunch was served (rice and a drink) and there was some light entertainment. A brief but fun visit to South Africa!

The children have been keen to plant some seeds. They had the choice of planting broad beans or sunflowers. We found out that plants need soil and water to help them grow. We are eagerly waiting to see what happens…

On Tuesday I had a chat with Sofia, she said “I’d like an eating party”. We talked about what healthy foods we could have and decided on cucumber, grapes, tomatoes and bananas. Lots of children had a turn at cutting the fruit up, making sure they moved their fingers away from the knife. The healthy eating party was enjoyed by lots of people!

The weather has improved a lot as the week has gone on so we have enjoyed playing inside and out…

We hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend sunshine! We look forward to hearing about the fun you have on Tuesday.

The Nursery team

One response to “A trip to South Africa, Pirate party and so much more in Nursery!”

  1. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Leah enjoyed the plane journey a lot. She has pointed out on several occasions it was pretend and that you didn’t actually go any where but she said it was fun.

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