A mischievous visitor in RH!

Friday 4th May | 5 comments

There has been so much excitement in RH this week.

It all started with some magic beans that had been left in the classroom. The children found them and planted them in some soil. The next day, the beans had turned into a beanstalk that had grown through the roof of the classroom.

The following day, the children came into the classroom to see some large footprints. It was assumed that the footprints belonged to the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. We then received a giant letter from the giant explaining that he’d written to all the children. The children had to read their individual letters, decoding the words and reading tricky words correctly. In the letters, the giant explained that he had lost his golden coins, his magic harp and his golden eggs. He said he was feeling quite worried.

We soon realised that we didn’t have the items and that it was in fact Jack who had them as he took them from the top of the beanstalk. The children decided that they needed to contact the giant. They made a trampoline for the giant to land on after climbing down the beanstalk. They then left a note for the giant, made him a drink and some large sausages.

Whilst some children were busy trying to contact the giant, some other children were finding the giants belongings. They found his keys, his tooth and the harp.

Another group of children made a news report.


As well as all the exciting story telling and writing that has been happening this week, we have also been looking at the alphabet and ensuring that the children know the letter names as well as the letter sounds. It would be great if they could practise this at home.


In maths, the children have been showing their knowledge of numbers 1 -20. They were sent some numbers from the giant and they had to draw a picture to show the  value of the different numbers. They have also been filling in missing numbers on a numberline as the giant had stolen the numbers!

We have also been solving problems linked to Jack and the Beanstalk.

An example question:

Sadly, we have said a huge goodbye to Aniyah today who is leaving to go to another school nearer her home. We will miss her very much and we have had a little party this afternoon to say good bye.

Enjoy the long weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

The RH team

5 responses to “A mischievous visitor in RH!”

  1. Simon Powell says:

    What an excellent activity! Sahara has been talking it all week!

  2. Ruth Hopkins says:

    Odin normally tells me nothing about his day but this week he has been really excited and chatting about it every day?

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