Ahoy me hearties!

Thursday 3rd May | No comments yet

We have had a super Pirate party this afternoon. Ethan and Kingsley have worked really hard organising their party. They decided they needed pirate party invitations, chocolate coins for treasure, pirate jelly (yellow or blue) and a treasure hunt.

Everyone helped make the jelly and chocolate coins. Some children cut out their own pirate flag or eye patch. We had lots of bunting to cut out to decorate the party room.

This afternoon we got a letter from Captain Barnacle to tell us he had heard about our party and wondered if we had found his treasure map! We searched everywhere! Once we found it we hunted for clues and this helped us discover the treasure in the tree house. On our return we all walked the plank, sang some pirate songs and enjoyed eating our treasure!

We finished the party off with some jelly or fruit and a pirate story. Great party organising boys!

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