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Thursday 29th March | No comments yet

This week the children seem a little bit tired, perhaps they are ready for a break!

The children had the opportunity to learn about why Easter is celebrated by Christians. We talked about different religions celebrating different events and then they listened to a children’s version of The Easter Story. Easter cards were available for the children to make and they all made an Easter nest. Eggs at Easter symbolise new life and we had a chat about why some of the children receive eggs at this time of year.

Many children were keen to write this week for lots of different purposes. Some children painted pictures and then labelled things on their picture. Others wrote in their Easter cards. On Wednesday all the children wrote their names and the names of fallen RAF airmen on aeroplanes which they then decorated.

Some children went to the farm and planted sunflowers. It would be lovely if they brought photos in when they grow.

Many children entered the decorated egg competition. There were some wonderful entries and Claire the cook chose the winner. Well done Zakariya.

Have a lovely break everyone, from the RF team.

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