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In literacy, we have been doing some handwriting and spelling practice. The children need to be able to spell many words correctly in order to reach a good level of development at the end of the year. This week we have focussed on: to, the, be and he. We have also taught the /ow/ phoneme.

We have read lots of books this week with the children. During our reading sessions, we have focused on making predictions and have introduced the children to ‘Prediction Pip’ who encourages the children to predict what will happen next.


We learn to form letters in different groups as letters tend to follow different patterns. We use these resources in school:


In maths, we have been completing lots of number work. We played a game where the children were shown a number of objects for a couple of seconds and they then had to say what the amount was without counting. This process is called ‘subsidising’. We then moved onto identifying numbers on ten frames and then solving problems using ten frames.

To support with problem solving and mathematical thinking, we completed an activity using grapes. The children each had 5 green and 5 red grapes to put on a skewer. Lots of learning took place whilst the children were arranging their grapes including pattern work, doubling, one more/one less and so on. The children then practically took grapes away by eating them and then showed their subtractions on ten frames.

We have also been completing lots of shape work. We have been looking at 3D shapes and describing their properties. They have enjoyed listening to this catchy song:


Nocturnal animals

The children have also been very keen to learn about nocturnal animals this week. We have read lots of owl stories and have been learning facts about nocturnal animals.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The RH team


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