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Friday 23rd March | No comments yet

Yet another busy week!

This week in Maths the children have been continuing to learn about 3D shapes and have been on a hunt around the classroom for cylinders, cubes and cuboids.  They have also been using 10 frames to solve addition and subtraction problems. They were very good at working out whether they had to add or subtract to work out the problem. Well done everyone!

We have been practising some Phase 3 sounds and writing sentences with words containing ‘ai, ‘ee’ and ‘igh’. Some children were able to write their sentences independently.

One of the focus children this week used the camera to take pictures herself at home so we asked her if she would like to take some photographs in school and what she could use to take them. Someone suggested we use iPads. Most of the children were not sure how to use the iPads to take pictures so they learned which App to use and how to take the photo. Then they were shown how to view the photos and if they did not like them how to delete them. This was very popular with everyone.

Other children have been busy researching and making volcanoes, building tree houses and painting rainbows. What varied interests and imaginations the children have.

After a very busy week with Ofsted and two Parent’s Evenings, last night we finally had our twice postponed Pyjama Story Night. During the day the children made posters and cookies to have with hot chocolate. They were very excited and many returned to school later in the evening dressed in their pyjamas to listen to a variety of stories. It was a very lovely evening and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. What a lovely way to end the day and I know that for lots of the children listening to stories at bedtime is part of their usual routine. I hope that more families will make this lovely experience part of their bedtime routine from now on, it’s a very good way of settling the children down for a good night’s sleep.

Next week we will be learning one new sound ‘ear’ and continuing to revise all the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds we have covered so far. In Maths we will be doing some problem solving and assessing of number recognition and ordering.

Have a lovely weekend.

From the team in RF

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