A very busy week in Nursery

Friday 23rd March | 2 comments

Thank you to all the parents who attended parents evening. It was great to catch up with you all as to how well the children are doing. It is at this time of year we really see the children becoming more independent. If you didn’t manage to get an appointment please let us know as we can arrange another time which is more convenient. To develop the children’s independence further we are encouraging them to try and solve minor conflicts with their friends by using their words.

A few children love anything messy and during a parent evening a little girl suggested making more slime. So this week we made slime. The challenge was to ensure everyone had the colour of slime they wanted! The children loved the fact they could roll it in to a ball before it dripped out of their hands!

In our Literacy we have been busy practising making silly soup using objects which rhyme like log/dog and hat/cat. The children are doing well blending 3 letter sounds to hear a word like c-a-t = cat. After Easter we will be starting to learn letter sounds, the first ones being s, a, t.

Our story this week has been ‘The Easter story’.  We started by talking to the children that not everyone believes in Jesus and some people say prayers to a different God. We talked at length about Jesus and when he was born, that he was a kind man and some people didn’t like him. We also looked at hot cross buns and saw the cross on them. We enjoyed eating them too!

Next week we will recap the story and look at how Easter is celebrated.

In Mathematics we have been learning about the numbers 3 and 4:

  • Listening to the beat of a drum and counting quietly
  • Clapping and jumping 3 and 4 times
  • Recording 3 and 4 by drawing pictures or making marks

The rest of the week has involved singing, writing stories and acting them out, music, playing with friends, making masks, playing the lava game, practising writing and cutting skills, baking, building and playing in purple sand…

Hopefully you all enjoy a milder weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Monday. Don’t forget we break up for the Easter holidays next Thursday.

The Nursery Team

2 responses to “A very busy week in Nursery”

  1. Aylas mum says:

    Aylas favourite thing this week was learning about baby pandas ? Ayla is also really excited about turning 4 next week. Not sure if she has told you yet. ?

  2. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Leah has been very excited about seeing the number 3 and 4 this week. She keeps pointing them out!

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