A caring week in Nursery

Friday 16th March | 2 comments

Well last week snow, this week rain with more snow coming – we thought it was Spring!

This week the children have been thinking about one of their friends who has been in hospital for 2 weeks. They thought about what they could do to cheer him up. First they sent video messages sending their good wishes or asking questions and then they all contributed to a card. It was great to see how well the children did drawing on a small piece of paper.

The children have shown great interest in using an art programme on the interactive whiteboard. They have used their fingers and pens to write numbers,  letters and names and draw pictures. Some children remembered how to get a clear screen. During using the whiteboard the children saw their shadows and created their own shapes using their hands.

In our phonic sessions we have been making some rhyming soup. We have practised saying the rhyme:

“I’m making lots of silly soup, I’m making soup that’s silly, I’m going to cook it in the fridge, to make it nice and chilly”

The children then have to find 2 pictures or objects that rhyme (sound the same), like log and dog, cat and hat. We also read the book ‘Oi Dog!’ which is a super rhyming story. It is something the children found quite challenging, so we will continue to practise.

In our number work we continue to practise counting forward to 20 and back from 10. We have also started to look at accurately counting objects or claps or jumps. We have started to represent the number 2 by drawing 2 pictures, 2 lines, 2 circles or writing the number 2.

Our story this week has been linked to the upcoming celebration of St Patrick’s Day. The children listened to story as well as learn about where Ireland is. Ask your child if they can tell you something about the story below…

Even though the weather has been very wet the children have enjoyed exploring the outdoor area especially the mud and puddles. We do have limited waterproofs for the children, so if you have any waterproof suits, trousers or jackets you no longer need we would be able to use them!

Some children enjoyed using crazy soap and seeing how it felt. They were amazed you could make shapes with it! Lots of learning and playing, particularly making dens…

Parents’ evening

Don’t forget parents’ evening is next Tuesday and Wednesday. If you haven’t already made an appointment then please do so. We are taking appointments outside of these days, so we can offer some flexibility.

Have a good weekend, wrap up warm. Fingers crossed it’s only a little snow.

The Nursery team

2 responses to “A caring week in Nursery”

  1. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Leah liked playing with the crazy soap and reading Oi Dog. She chose to get Oi Dog from the book fair and we have been reading it a lot at home. She thinks it is very funny.

  2. Claire (Theo B's mummy) says:

    Theo would like to say a great big ‘Thank you’ for his videos and his beautiful cards!! They’re a bit too big for his bedroom but we’ve got them on the mantle piece for everyone to see! He’s a lucky boy to have such a lovely nursery class ?

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