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Well it has been a funny week! The children have had a productive 3 days of learning!

In our phonic work we have been practising spelling and reading the tricky words I, no, go, to and the. I challenged the children to try and spell the words when they were covered and with their eyes shut! The aim was for them to be able to visualise the shapes of the words which should help them to remember how to spell the words. We have also been reading words which have the diagraphs ‘ch and ng’ in them – the children needed to work out whether or not they were real words or made up ones.

In mathematics we having been continuing to develop the children’s knowledge of subtraction. We have been using a number track as well as our fingers and objects to calculate subtractions. The children have a good understanding that there are many different words to use when subtracting – minus, subtract and take away. Some children enjoyed playing number bingo.

As part of our World Maths Day we read the book ‘How big is a million?’ It is about a penguin called Pipkin who wants to know what a million looks like so he goes in search to find out.

We challenged the children to see if they could represent a million on paper! They found different ways to draw what they thought a million would look like. We discussed that although they had drawn a lot of pictures that perhaps we weren’t quite near a million!

A display of all the children’s work trying to represent 1 million…

The children have also been busy creating dinosaur worlds, reading, writing in their Busy Bee books, exploring outside, solving subtraction calculations, making special Mother’s Day cards and developing their imaginative play.

Parents evening

Thank you to those parents who have returned their parents evening forms. If you haven’t done so already please return them. It is important we see all the parents so we can discuss your child’s progress and their next steps in learning. There are currently some spaces before 5.30pm on Tuesday and a few spaces on Wednesday between 3.50 and 5.15pm. If you are unable to attend these days or get an appointment then please let us know and we can arrange to see you another time.

We hope you enjoy the warmer temperatures this weekend. We look forward to seeing you Monday.

The RF team

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