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Friday 26th January | 1 comment

Last week the children in RF set up their own shop and asked if we could have a proper shop in class. The children had lots of ideas about what kind of shop they would like so we chatted and decided on a toy shop. A small group of children planned what they would need and what would happen in the shop. Lots of children helped to set it up. They found a cash register and some money. They searched around for things to sell in the toy shop and found some shopping bags. We talked about writing shopping lists so the children collected pens and clipboards and we printed lists for the children to write the items they wanted. All week the children have acted out being customers and shop keepers and they have loved writing lists.

The children have been learning how to use tens frames in our class Numeracy sessions. They have used them to recognise how many objects make up a number and how many spaces there are left to make 10. They have used them to add two groups of objects to find out how many they have altogether. All the children were engaged and helped each other if they didn’t have the correct number of objects. Teamwork as well as maths!

Next week in phonics we will be learning four new sounds. The sounds are ai, ee, igh and oa and the tricky word next week will be ‘you’.

Have a great weekend, from the RF team.

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  1. peterharris says:

    This sounds like fun, and good, purposeful writing. Learning number bonds to ten is probably the most important bit of early maths: if they can get this to be swift and fluent by the middle of Year 1, so much more of the maths curriculum will come easily. Games with 2 dice are a great way to learn number bonds quickly and enjoyably.

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