Writing, fishing and so much more in RH!

Thursday 25th January | 3 comments

We have had a brilliant week in RH. I have been amazed by how much the children have been writing!


We have been learning about fishing this week which all stemmed from some children who decided to pretend to go fishing. A child from Year three, who often goes fishing, came to talk to the children about his fishing experiences. The children asked some brilliant questions and found out about what fish eat, where you can fish and what equipment you need.

Some children have been busy making fishing rods:


This week we have learnt the phonemes /ai/ /ee/ /igh/. The tricky word this week is ‘was’.


We have been looking at subtraction this week. The children have completed subtractions practically using counters and have started using a ‘ten frame’ to help with subtractions. The children coloured in an amount of squares (which were taken away form the total of 10) and then had to say how many were left uncoloured.

Image result for ten frame coloured

What else have we been doing?

3 responses to “Writing, fishing and so much more in RH!”

  1. hannahstewart says:

    I love your fishing rods RH. I am very lucky to have seen so much of your amazing writing – keep up the good work!
    Good luck with learning to tie your shoe laces it is very tricky!

  2. peterharris says:

    This is a super blog and showcases some superb Foundation Stage practice.

    Learning number bonds to ten is probably the most important bit of early maths: if they can get this to be swift and fluent by the middle of Year 1, so much more of the maths curriculum will come easily. Games with 2 dice are a great way to learn number bonds quickly and enjoyably.

  3. David (Odin’s daddy) says:

    Odin was really excited about the fishing and talked about it a lot.
    He also said he’d made friend (the child who spoke about fishing) from another year. And we talked about how generous it was for him to share what he liked doing.
    I’m sure the Y3 child would have learned lots too. Well done school ?

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