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We have had some expert bakers in RH this week. The children love pretending to make cakes and biscuits in the sand so we decided to have a real ‘bake off’.

The children wrote lists of ingredients, segmenting the sounds in the words themselves. We have been very pleased with the children’s writing and their cursive letter formation. The children then followed their recipes and made cakes. We had some interesting cakes, including ginger and banana.

Whilst baking, we talked about weight and how we measure the weight of things using scales. The children had to balance the ingredients they added to make their cakes with the amount of eggs they put in.

This afternoon, we had our ‘bake off’ final. Miss Hutchinson, Miss Gregory and Miss Jackson were the judges. We tried all the cakes which were anonymous and decided on  three winners. It was a very hard job choosing the winners as all the cakes tasted lovely. The winners were George, Jorja and Sahara. Well done!


This week we have recapped  the phonemes /ch/, /sh/ and /qu/. We have also introduced /th/ and /ng/. We have practised reading words with the phonemes in and then reading sentences including the tricky word of the week which is ‘be’.

Example sentences:

Can I be a king?

Splash the queen.

This is a chin.

We have also looked at writing a list of ingredients and we wrote a set of class rules for the ‘bake off’ challenge.


As well as measuring, we have also been doing some number work this week. We have been trying to make different numbers in different ways. For example, 4 and 3 makes 7, 5 and 2 and so on. We have done this practically with cubes but also have drawn pictures to show the additions.

We have also been doing some problem solving. The children had to work out different ways to share a box full of medals. They were very good at suggesting ways for it to be fair and what to do if someone else came along!

Have a lovely weekend.

The RH team

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